Why Choose A Traditional Butcher?

With a traditional butcher, you can be sure that the staff have studied and been trained in:

  • the history of butchery
  • tools of the trade & knife skills
  • hygiene & safety
  • livestock breeds and their respective qualities
  • storage & hanging to improve flavour & texture
  • jointing, boning out, preparation & presentation
  • preparation to individual customer's choice
  • customer advice on best cuts, meat preparation and recipe tips

Who Are We?

With over 20 years' experience, Allan Learmonth takes pride in running a traditional butcher's shop whilst using thoroughly modern butchery methods.

Our staff are trained to a very high standard, many of whom have won National apprenticeship prizes, and will always be pleased to help with advice on cooking methods.

All our Beef, Lamb and free range Pork & Poultry is entirely traceable and is sourced by ourselves from local Scottish Borders Farms which are chosen with careful regard to their animal husbandry and traditional feeding methods.

Food Miles

Unlike supermarket bought meat, which will often have travelled hundreds of miles from farm to a central cold store and back to the local branch, our policy of 100% local sourcing ensures the lowest food miles possible.

Why Choose Us

Fore Rib of Scotch Beef

Beef -

 Our Beef, sourced by ourselves from local Scottish Borders Farms breeding Galloway and Limousin cattle, has been farmed in the traditional manner, is matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days to ensure a good old fashioned flavour and is entirely traceable from farm to plate.

Scottish Border Leg of Lamb

Lamb -

 Our Scottish Borders sourced lamb breeds - Texel, Suffolk and Continental Cross - are renowned for their flavour and leanness of meat, and are entirely traceable from farm to plate. Available in a wide range of traditional cuts, or butchered to your specific requirements.

Free Range Pork Chops

Pork -

 All our traditionally farmed Pork - widely praised for its succulence and fullness of flavour is sourced from local Hawick breeder, Tom Wilkinson and, as with all our meat, is entirely traceable from farm to plate.

We also stock a wide range of other meat, poultry and game, including the increasingly popular Venison - available as joints and also in our home made sausages and burgers.

Allan Learmonth