Soccer Betting – How to Bet

Soccer Betting – How to Bet

The amount of online gambling related to soccer is now enormous and for many fans this is their chosen means of entertainment. But for many newbie gamblers this is their big hurdle. Soccer gambling is unique in that the sport is not the most popular on the biggest sports betting sites on the internet. Although many of the world’s top soccer leagues main stages come to mind when the topic of soccer gambling arises, the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga both dominate the online betting arena.

For the English Premier League betters, odds are the everything. On top of that, soccer betting has become more competitive with the introduction of the Asian Handicap in 2007. Basically, the handicap is a free kick (or goal) given to one of the teams that scores a goal. No matter which team scores the goal, the handicap gives the team an extra goal scored against their opponent. The English Premier League has many popular gambles such as League Hold’em, Betting Exchange spread betting, first goal scorer, first 15/1 goal scorer etc.

Asian Handicap betting

One of the features of Asian Handicap is the zero handicap bet. This is available on most sites in the UK and Ireland. The advantage of the zero handicap is that the team not only has a handicap to overcome, but they also give a free goal to their opponents. Not only that, the away team also has to keep the score at a minimum 2 yellow in order to qualify for the next round.

How To Bet

Quite frankly, the information war that exists between the different bookmakers is confusing and mind boggling at times. The main betting tool is the over or under bet which makes all the difference in the world. The betters are actually predicting the actual outcome of the match, not solely betting on the supposed odds of a win or draw. There are many options and the types of bet offered change constantly. Below is a list of the three main betting options in soccer betting.

Over/Under Bet

The over and under bet in soccer betting is divided into two types, the traditional over under bet and the scorecast over under bet. The scorecast over under bet revolves around the total goals in each half of the game. You can bet over, under or span two half’s for the entire game, half time, full time, right up to the very end. When betting the over or under you will have the option of wagering on a final score. You can also wager on spreads, as the handicap is adjusted for any faults. The bet is generally placed as a percentage of theArc. Obviously the easier to remember and play the over or under bet is the scorecast bet.

Three-Way Wagering

For the three-way wagers, instead of the traditional win/draw/push bet, you are betting on three distinct scenarios. Three cards are dealt to each team, and based on those cards the players must divide them into two teams, the team they think will win and the team they think will draw, with the result being revealed at the end of the game. You can bet on a single team, a match in progress, a quarter of a game, or the full game. The three way wagers are placed in much the same manner as the regular over under bet, using the same scoring scenarios.


The sportsbook also offers a teaser bet in which the sports bettor predict that more than one soccer team will be declared the winner of a specific set of match. The teaser bet can be a single game, a match in progress or the full game. Exactly the same rules apply to the regular over under bet as the over or under bet is the single most popular bet in soccer betting.

By far the most popular betting area in soccer betting is the bet on the upcoming World Cup 2010, because the odds of winning on the European teams are so greatly in favor of the outset, it is impossible that the underdog will not win the game in most cases. High prices are paid on the odds of the Home team winning. Despite the huge expense of the Asian Handicap in the quarter and half time are reasonable prices in comparison to the odds of winning when betting on the underdog. A bet can be placed up to the date of the match, or the bet can be placed as a odds against bet if already-made bets are shown a dramatic fall in value.


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